Node.js in Azure, let the pain begin

I’m currently employed at a large company that primarly use microsoft products, this allows me to get some free credits in Azure and for my new project I had the brilliant idea to use those credits to host a small node.js application. The application is written in koa and React. The pain begins Linking Visual […]

Bad Caffeine

Swedes drink a lot of coffee, second largest consumer per capita in the world, and a lot of that coffee is bad, just plain bad. I was a late bloomer when it came to coffee, I didn’t start until I was 24 or 25 years old and I really love the taste of hot freshly […]

Squares everywhere!

One of my goals for this year was to complete a physical project, luckily enough I had one that was almost done since last year! I was inspired by a reddit-post and thought, hey that’s a pretty slick idea I bet I can make one myself! So I started to order stuff from China, but […]

Getting stuff done

It’s the magical time of the year, a fresh start and a lot of resolutions. We all know gym membership resolutions don’t last more than a month at best. So instead of just saying my resolutions, my idea ( well I got inspired ) was to write down my goals and when I complete them […]

TFS to Git

The start When I started to code when I was but a wee lad, it was mostly HTML, CSS, JavaScript and some Java. Everytime I created some major change to my project I had to version it, it turned into an array of folders “myProject some-date-here” or something like “myProject before feature xxxxx”. This worked […]


Got the idea of a dynamic bullshit button while looking at different buttons. Why not be able to add multiple sound files and then allow it to play a random sound file! That way, you can add extremely cheesy or just plain bad sounds to make sure you can use it to terrorize your collegues […]

Roofs, roofs everywhere!

Our lifestyle is focused a lot around consumption of electricity, but the way we produce electricity isn’t always the greenest. Coal power plants creates polution, hydro-electric plants needs dams that overflow entire valleys and creates problem for fishes that wants to go upstream, and nuclear isn’t that safe either. In highly populated areas, polution and […]


I’ve recently come back from a shorter trip to Germany, the country and its people are pretty similar to Sweden and its inhabitants but a bit more open and friendly but I guess that could be traced back to them understanding I’m a tourist. I’m not going to analyze people anymore, what I’m interested in is […]

TI5 compendium points

The international is once again here! I must confess that this is the first  compendium I’ve bought because I was not into Dota 2 a year ago, but oh boy did that change when I realized that it’s so much more than just a single lane game. Gank rotations, last second shallow grave… To say the least, […]

The logging of poop.. really?

We all need to go to the toilet from time to time, and normally this is just something we do and don’t really think about it. But when you’re having an upset stomach and you want to figure out why, it could be good idea to store information about your visits to the porcelain throne. […]